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How to Keep Company Culture Alive While At Home

By Amy Wright | May 6, 2020

It’s important to keep a strong company culture with employees working remotely now more than ever. But before we talk about why that is, let’s talk about what company culture is.

So what is company culture anyway?

With so many companies nowadays touting the fact that they have ping pong tables, cocktail Fridays, and other office “perks”, it can be hard to know what company culture actually means.

Simply put, company culture is the shared values of an organization and its employees. Company values can include a healthy sense of inclusivity, a safe space for all employees to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions, strong ethical and environmental practices, teamwork, etc.

So why is company culture so important?

It’s important for all employees to strive toward the same goals, share the same company values, and take pride in the work they do every day, whether sharing the same physical workspace or face to face via video call.

And it’s paramount for an organization to have a team of people who want to see the success of the organization as well as the success of their fellow employees.

So how do I create company culture when my employees are working remotely?

It may seem like a daunting challenge to create a positive company culture while managing a fully remote team, but it’s easier than you think.

Here are our 3 favorite ways to keep our team together as one cohesive unit despite the distance:

1. Keep your camera on during online meetings

It can be tempting to keep your video off during online meetings, especially during these times when sweatsuits seem to be the go-to uniform. But we highly recommend that everyone on a video call keep their camera on.

Body language and seeing each other’s faces on a regular basis will keep a sense of team bonding, motivation, and trust. It will encourage employees to speak up during meetings, and it will be easier to translate a positive company culture while working remotely.

2. Host regular “All-Hands” meetings

While working remotely it can be easy to fall into a silo, chugging away at your own tasks and not really knowing what’s going on within the rest of the company.

Hosting regular company-wide meetings online where all departments come together to provide updates is a great way to keep everyone on the same page. This allows for team visibility, better communication, opportunities to solve problems faster, and so much more.

3. Provide employees with cohesive experiences

It’s important to provide your team with the same health and wellness benefits they would receive if they were in an office.

For instance, if your office had regular wellness seminars (ie. seminars on mental health, organization, ergonomics, etc.), be sure to continue those experiences. Thankfully with the help of technology, hosting these seminars online is easier than ever.

Another great practice is to offer regular and quick anonymous surveys to get a better understanding of what your employees want, how they are feeling, and how their remote work situation can be improved. Communication is key and this is a great way to gain a good understanding of how people are feeling in their roles.

And lastly, your employees should feel comfortable in their home office set up. Ensure that everyone has the tools they need in order to produce their best work. This can include providing an ergonomically friendly desk set up, access to a meditation app, and improving their remote workspace.

Wall art has been proven to boost productivity and can help set the office tone for everyone in their home offices while communicating a cohesive branded experience. Providing something as simple as branded or personalized pieces of wall art can majorly improve your employee's work environment, attitude towards their work, and overall feelings of happiness while working from the comfort of their home.

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