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Why you shouldn't hang your canvas outside

By Amy Wright | Aug 24, 2023

Are you considering hanging your canvas art outdoors? If you're a fellow art and photo enthusiast, you probably treasure your canvas art for its unique charm and timeless appeal. While the idea of displaying your artwork in the great outdoors may be tempting, we want to share some valuable insights on why keeping it indoors is the best choice for preserving its beauty and longevity.

We're here to share why you may want to think twice about outdoor display and explore the benefits of keeping your canvas art safely indoors.

The art of keeping canvas art safe: indoor vs. outdoor display

As much as we love nature, exposing your canvas art to the outdoor elements can be tough on the artwork. Outdoor settings expose your canvas art to various external factors that can compromise its quality and durability. Unpredictable weather, extreme temperatures, and harsh UV rays can all take a toll on your precious pieces and cause your canvas to contract and expand, leading to warping and distortion. We've seen how intense sunlight and strong winds can speed up fading and deterioration, while rain, humidity, and snow can lead to mold and mildew growth, causing irreversible damage.

The great outdoors: a challenging environment

Indoor display: advantages and benefits

Displaying your canvas art indoors offers numerous benefits for preserving its vibrancy and quality. Indoor spaces provide stable environments, protecting your art from extreme weather conditions and harmful UV exposure. By avoiding the unpredictable outdoor environment, your artwork remains shielded from harsh weather and harmful UV exposure, safeguarding its allure. Indoor spaces allow for ideal humidity and temperature levels, protecting your canvas from warping and stretching.

Moreover, indoor air typically has less dust and debris than outdoor spaces, meaning your canvas remains safe from scratches and unnecessary wear. Securing your art indoors also minimizes the risk of accidental damage from pets, children, or other activities that might occur outside.

Control over lighting and display allows you to showcase your canvas art in the best possible way, emphasizing its aesthetics and details. Indoor display also reduces the risk of accidental physical damage, making it a secure and safe choice for preserving your art.

Black and white canvas print on shelf of family

If you must go outside: tips for outdoor display

If you're set on displaying your artwork outside, we've got some tips to help you preserve its vibrancy and quality. Finding suitable locations with some protection from direct sunlight and rain is essential.

For those determined to display their canvas art outdoors, proactive measures can help preserve its vibrancy and quality. Regular cleaning and maintenance are a must for outdoor displays. Gently wipe your canvas with a soft, lint-free cloth or brush to keep it clean and prevent scratches. When severe weather strikes, storing your canvas art indoors until conditions improve is a smart precautionary measure to ensure its safety.

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